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Download link on homepage incorrect



This addon is just what I've been looking for for a while - we have had to deal with spreadsheets from outside sources that end up with nearly 1 million blank lines causing excel to run extremely slowly and consume a lot of memory. An example spreadsheet with 12 sheets each with 1 million lines consumes about 750MB of ram.

I downloaded the addon from the main download link on the home page, unfortunately I found the addon consumed so much memory it was causing excel to run out of memory before completing the job.

By accident I noticed on the Downloads page there are two different versions August 9th (49KB) and August 14th. (44KB)

Despite saying August 14th the main download link on the "HOME" page actually links to the older August 9th version.

Once I realised this I re-tested the August 14th version and discovered that not only is it many times faster, it was able to process 12 sheets with a million excess blank lines per sheet in a short time and without any excessive memory usage - the addon finished without errors and all sheets were trimmed correctly without losing any data.

I would suggest the download link is fixed so that people are downloading this newer version that works properly!

Thanks for the great tool.